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Digitween School Action Project

Oak Prairie School

School Website: https://www.d92.org/index.php/oak-prairie
Location: Homer Glen, IL, USA
Teacher: Mrs. Lynn Jankowski
Number of Students and Ages: 6 student in 6th grade, Ages 11-12

Description of the Action:

Students created an iMovie using a game show format. They wrote the script, practiced, and revised & practiced some more. Each was assigned a job and followed instructions from Mrs. Jankowski and Tommy F., the director. During the last week of school we filmed with the green screen, downloaded, and edited the footage.

Evidence from the Action:

Here two pieces of the video used as part of the game show:

Impact of the Action

The Digital Citizenship Game Show will be posted on the library media center webpage and will be used during media center orientation next year for incoming 6th graders.

Reflection about the Action and the Digitween Project

This was an awesome learning experience for the students to work together on a video with such an important message. They were engaged and motivated throughout the process. Their favorite part of the overall Digitween Project was sharing their handshakes on Edmodo and communicating with other students outside of their own school.

Time constraints and scheduling prevented us from skyping and participating in the final Summits.