Digiteen and Digitween Students: We will be helping you organize your files, sites, links and images. Please keep the same format.

Digitween School Action Project

Jonesville Middle School-Grid B Students

School Website: http://leectysch.com/JMS/Default.htm
Location: Jonesville, Virginia
Teacher: Mrs. Nickodam
Number of Students and Ages: 8th grade/12 students

Description of the Action

We chose to create a Google Presentation about the "Keys to Being a Good Digital Citizen". Our presentation was created for 1st and 2nd graders. We also wrote a Storybird and compiled handouts that included information for the parents about Digital Citizenship and some coloring sheets for the students.

Evidence from the Action


Working on the wiki!


Working on our story about 'being a good digital citizen' in Storybird!


Google Presentation

Link to Presentation

Impact of the Action

We hope our presentation, story and handouts gave the elementary students a better understanding of how they can be safe on the Internet and become an awesome digital citizen.

Photos from our presentation:


Reflection about the Action and the Digitween Project

Overall, we feel this was a great learning experience. We learned how to work in a Wiki. We also liked working with students from other schools and areas. When we first started working on this project it was hard because we didn't really understand our topics. As we did more research and looked at other examples from past schools it became easier. We hope we can do this again!

Our presentation with the 1st graders was so much fun. The students had lots of questions. Sometimes the questions didn't have anything to do with our presentation! They really liked the video with Clicky. The teacher asked if she could keep the copy of our book we bound that we created in Storybird. Now, we are all published authors in one of the school libraries!