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Digitween School Action Project

Jonesville Middle School-Grid A Students

School Website: http://leectysch.com/JMS/Default.htm
Location: Jonesville, Virginia
Teacher: Mrs. Nickodam
Number of Students and Ages: 8th grade/13 students

Description of the Action

We created a Google Presentation about cyber bullying. We also wrote a story about cyber bullying using Storybird. We created a handout that contained an Internet Contract for parents and students and information relating to cyber bullying. Our Action Project is intended for students in grades 6-8. We presented to the school librarian and gave her the materials so she could use them each year in the library with all students.

Evidence from the Action


Working on our story about cyber-bullying in Storybird!

Working on wiki pages!

Google Presentation

Link to Presentation

Impact of the Action

Our media specialist, Mrs. Jones, loved our presentation. She was also impressed with the story we wrote using Storybird. She was not familiar with the program and wanted us to show her more about it. She thanked us for the handouts we gave her and the copy of our presentation. She also took our book to put in the library. She told us she talked to the students about digital citizenship and Internet safety but she didn't have that much material. She is going to use our presentation next year to educate the 6th graders.

Presenting to Mrs. Jones, Media Specialist

Reflection about the Action and the Digitween Project

This project was a great learning experience. It was fun and we got to try new things. We liked learning from the other students. We especially enjoyed the introduction videos and comments in Edmodo from the teachers and students. We also like the fact that we created something that will be used in the library for other JMS students, so, our class will be immortalized!