Getting started with Digiteen and Digitween

This wiki page shares essential details about the Digiteen and Digitween projects. You are asked to read the Topic Review wiki also to understand more about the topics and themes.

Project Structure

There are TWO main parts to this project:
  • Global collaboration on research and sharing resources via a wiki, including ongoing discussion and interaction between global classrooms via the wiki and Ning
  • A school-based local ACTION PROJECT that takes the new knowledge about Digital Citizenship Areas of Awareness and Core Competencies and implements something within the school community that will raise awareness and make a difference

Each student in the Digiteen and Digitween Project will be in a TEAM with a Digital Citizenship Area of Awareness and be cross-referenced with a Ray of Understanding Are, as shown in the diagram 'Enlightened Digital Citizenship' below.
Depending on the size of the project (number of classrooms and students) the core competency areas are expanded to include digital citizenship perspectives from the students, teachers and parents & wider community.



The following chart shows the essential workflow of the project. Review the calendar for this project.

Screenshot 2014-03-08 12.55.45.png