Welcome to the Digiteen and Digitween Project 2014-1

Digiteen and Digitween are part of the Flat Connections group of global projects, founder Julie Lindsay.

Enlightened_Digital_Citizenship.pngThis wiki is the portal for both:
  • Digiteen 14-1 (students over 13) and
  • Digitween 14-1 (students under 13)
Leading global hands-on digital citizenship projects!


After several weeks of belonging to the Digiteen/Digitween online community, studying digital citizenship trends and sharing findings on this wiki with global partners, students will then be challenged to act within their local school and community. They will design ACTION PROJECTS to help others learn about online digital citizenship and then return here to share what they did on your action wiki so that others can learn from them.
Students in this project are encouraged to make a difference!

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital citizenship encompasses many aspects of life, not always limited to the work done on or with a 'computer'. It can be described as knowing how to behave reliably, responsibly and respectfully with regard to technology use.

Dates on Break

These are dates when schools are on break:
AMS March 15-23
CCA April 5-22
MHJH March 24-28, April 18, 21
OPS March 24-28, April 18, 21
JMS April 16-18.
ECS April 14-18
CIS 1st May to 30th June

Schools and Countries in this project

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Country, School and Teachers
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Action Project Link
School Name: (MHJH) Middleburg Heights Junior High
Location: suburb of Cleveland, Ohio USA
Teacher: Mrs. Toni Knotek
Tech Coach - Ms. Sue Ann Miller

MHJH School Website
external image fistboltcircleforweb.gif

School Name: (ECS) Edgewood Campus School
Location: Madison, Wisconsin USA
Teacher: Mrs. Lynn Koresh
Edgewood Campus School Website

ECS1 Action Projects

ECS2 Action Projects
School Name: (OPS) Oak Prairie School
Location: Homer Glen, IL
Teacher: Mrs. Jankowski
Oak Prairie School website
O P Bulldog.SAVE.jpg

OPS Action Project
School Name: (JMS) Jonesville Middle School
Location: Jonesville, Virginia (Lee County)
Teacher: Mrs. Nickodam
Jonesville Middle School website

JMS Grid A Action Project

JMS Grid B Action Project
School Name: (CCA) Corryong College
Location:Corryong, Victoria, Australia
Teachers: Ms. Natalie Lebner and
Mr. Stephen Learmonth
Corryong College website
College logo.png

CC Action Project Grid
School Name: (CIS) Choithram International
Location: Indore , India
Teachers: Purva Holkar, Sampa Roychoudhri, Indrani C,
Amita B , Rajee V, Kanchan N, Neeta L, Rajneesh T,
Smita M, Chhaya S, Meghna D

School Name: (AMS) Anamosa Middle School
Location: Anamosa, Iowa, USA
Teacher: Mrs. Warner
Anamosa Community Schools

School Name: (CAS) Collingwood Area School
Location: Collingwood, New Zealand
Teacher: Susan Feron
Room 6 Blogspot
Susan Feron's Professional Learning Blog
Collingwood Area School
cas logo.jpg

Digiteen/Digitween Locations Video